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    What is astrology and how it affects us? full story...

    What is gemmology and how gems & stones can improve our lifestyle? full story...

    What is vastushastra and how a good or bad vastu can make effect on us? full story...

    What is feng shui and why it is different from our vastushastra? full story...

    What is reiki and how it can help us? full story...

    What does it mean by crystal healing and how crystals can make their effects on us? full story...

    What is palmistry and how this ancient art can help us improve our way of living? full story...

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    There are seven chakras, or energy points in the human body. Each chakra relates to certain organs , and a proper balance of these chakras is essential for having a healthy , productive and happy life. Each chakra has its own colour. In crystal healing, crystals of the required colours are used to enhance the energy level of the chakra.This in turn helps to remove negative influences on the individual. This also helps to remove toxins from the body and enhance health.The human aura is greatly enhanced, and can have a great impact on others in a positive way.

    The energy level of the person is checked by a Master, or by Kirlian photography. The affected chakras are identified. This is then confirmed by discussion with the person.The appropriate coloured crystals and gem stones are placed on the body, at the required chakras.The Master or healer then heals by positive intention. Usually the person sees the colour of the chakra during the healing session. In a few sittings the chakras are balanced and one can percieve a positive effect in the aura, or human energy field.This process greatly helps in spiritual progress.

    The seven chakras are- root centre, spleen centre, solar plexus centre, heart centre, throat centre, brow centre, crown centre.

    This is the sequence followed in traditional Hindu yoga. In the West however the crown chakra is the first chakra.

    Muladhar Chakra:(Root centre):

    This chakra is at the root of the spinal cord, near the coccyx. The energy here is clear and bright red in colour.This gives vitality to the body. It energizes all the organs in the body.In short, it rejuvenates the body.The chakra relates to groundedness, family identity, and bonding.The crystals related to this chakra are, red jasper,pyrite, garnate, ruby and smoky quartz.These crystals help to transform the body's spiritual energy into healing power when placed over the root chakra.

    Swadhishthan chakra: Spleen centre:

    This chakra is between the navel and the root chakra.This radiates a bright orange aura.When this energy flows freely, it flows away anxiety, anger, and confusion from the body.So it purifies the mind.It also relates to creativity, survival instincts and sexuality.The crystals related to this chakra are -carnelian, coral, and orange agates.These crystals act as energizers and blood purifiers. They help unfocussed or absent minded people when placed atop the spleen chakra.

    Manipur chakra: Solar Plexus centre

    This chakra is situated on the backbone, exactly behind the umbilicus.The colour is yellow. When the energy here is pure, you tend to be ambitious.Your inner mind is strong , and you have positive thoughts.The chakra also relates to self respect, and ethics.The crystals related to this chakra are- yellow sapphire, topaz, green aventurine and tiger eye.These help to connect the upper mental body with the lower physical one.They free blocked energy and allow deep healing breathing.

    Anahat chakra: Heart centre

    This chakra is on the backbone behind the heart. This chakra has a green colour energy.A free flow of energy here, inspires love, compassion, intelligence, and prosperity.This is important for a happy satisfactory life.The crystals related to this chakra are emerald, jade, beryll, green aventurine and rose quartz.The rose quartz is known to help in achieving self love and inner peace.This is thought to be the first step in the healing process.

    Vishuddha Chakra: Throat centre:

    This chakra is related to the thyroid gland. It is located on the backbone behind the throat. This chakra has an electric blue shining energy.This energy helps remove old chronic ailments, and to rejuvenate with pure energy. It also relates to choice, faith, and personal authority.The crystals related to this are- Lapis lazuli, blue sapphire, aquamarine and amazonite.Crystals placed on the throat chakra help to connect the mind and heart and to verbalise suppressed feelings.

    Adnya chakra: Brow centre

    This chakra is situated behind the head opposite the forehead. Its energy is sky blue. This energy enhances our mind and emotional realm and its connection with reality. It relates to wisdom, intellectual skills, and inspiration. Crystals related to this chakra are, Light blue sapphire, aquamarine, amethyst and blue topaz.The amethyst is known as the meditation crystal, and has a great repute is helping to calm the concious and the sub concious mind.

    Sahastrar chakra: crown centre

    This chakra lies at the top of the head, where the fontanelles are present at birth. The colour is violet. The vital energy has its prime location here. The silver thread of life is connected here at one end and the other to the ethereal body. It relates to inner divinity and inner guidance. Each chakra is controlled by this chakra. The crystals related to this chakra are,Clear quartz, Amethyst, and Amber.The Clear quartz is a commonly available crystal. These crystals are known to stimulate the light sensitive pineal gland, and activate higher conciousness.

    How do we know that a chakra is weak?

    The energy enters from the back and radiates with force from the front of the body. Except for the 'Shastrar chakra' or the Crown chakra where the energy radiates from above the head.If you are trying to feel the energy vibrations yourself, it is easier to do it on the uncovered body.In a few seconds you can feel the gentle vibrations of the energy radiating from the chakras. It is usually warm.When a chakra is not radiating energy well, an intention is done, and gem stones are placed on the chakra.

    When all seven chakras are optimum, you have a great sense of wellbeing, and you have the power to achieve and ordain all that you would want.Crystal healing can be of help as an aid to the other scientific modes of treatment.

    Crystal healing helps not only in health problems, but even in professional and personal life problems. You can refer to 'case studies' section for more cases.


    The physical body has an ‘astral body’ like an energy field around it. It is the ‘Aura’ or the bioplasm. This bioplasm is present as long as there is life. After death, it separates from the physical body. The astral body or bioplasm is of great importance, as the origin of most diseases lies here. When external organisms cause an infection in our body, they first come in contact with our astral bodies, and then, the symptoms of infection are felt.


    When the astral body is full of positive energy, it easily wards off outer influence. At least 85% of people can see their own aura.

    This can be done by standing in front of a mirror. There can ideally be a white background behind you. Now focus upon a point 6 inches above and 1 foot behind your head. You must fix your gaze upon this point. At the same time you can also see the outlines of your head and shoulders in the corner of your eyes. After 30 seconds to 1 minute you will see a prominent coloured light parallel to your body. As your gaze moves away from your body, this coloured light will become lighter and lighter. This is you aura or energy field.

    With practice, you will see this more easily and clearly.

    It has been proved with the help of the ‘oscilloscope’, that anything or anyone coming within 20 feet of the human aura can cause disturbance in the brain waves of that person.

    So you feel disturbed by some people coming near you, either negative or positive. People with similar energy fields, feel very comfortable with each other and may think alike. So we say that their ‘wavelengths’ match.

    We can cleanse the aura by spiritual means. This may be by chanting mantras, thinking positive. Even bathing with saline water, made from raw natural salt, cleanses and brightens the aura. So bathing in non polluted sea water is rejuvenating to many.

    Praying to the Sun, also gives us positive life energy.

    Crystal healing is a useful method of cleaning a person’s aura. This has to be done carefully and correctly; based upon the study of Chakras and their required colours. Otherwise, this may result in disturbing the aura rather than balancing it.


    We take many births upon this earth. The period between two births is spent in the spirit world. To achieve connection with the spirit has been done in ancient times. During the 15 days of the Hindu month Bhadrapad, during the waning phase of the moon, is the period of special importance in this respect. Special rituals performed during this period, are known to have a beneficial effect upon the progress of spirits of our ancestors, and others who were close to us. The blessings received from them are next only to God’s.

    Their unfulfilled wishes are fulfilled through us.

    Similarly some evil spirits may fulfill their wishes through living people.

    People with a weak aura or imbalanced chakras fall prey to such spirits. Such people may feel the symptoms, of being unwell.

    When there is an influence of negative energies upon you, you may have the following indications. Weakness, feverishness, dizziness, feeling that something pricks and all these occurring for a long time, and not amenable to any good treatment. The cause is not fathomable by any pathological tests.

    Also negative things happening one after another also may indicate the influence of negative energies upon you.

    If you doubt any of this, it is necessary to protect yourself in different ways. For this you must meditate upon your Guru, and pray for a way out of this. The aura energizing techniques are to be applied. The energy chakras can be balanced with crystal healing.

    For this ‘Blood stone’, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Moon stone, Red Jasper’, and Carnelian are very useful during crystal healing, by an expert in the field.


    Many a times we need to recharge out emotional and physical energy. We also feel depressed and restless from the day to day stresses. This has a great cure in meditation with use of crystals

    The chakras that have a control on this mysterious power of meditation are the ‘solar plexus and the ‘crown chakra’.

    Start by tying crystals on your forehead with a band. Use a piece of marble or clear quartz on the brow chakra. On the crown, use an amethyst. The band should be comfortably tied to secure the crystals in place.

    Concentrate your mind on a feeling of heavenly peace. Of a peaceful place full of lush greenery, a gentle breeze, and clear blue sky. Imagine you are seated below, a large banyan tree. If you can really meditate in such a place, you can get great results. You begin to feel fresh, energetic and rejuvenated. Your aura is charged with positive energy.

    Another way described in ancient Indian yogic methods is that of sticking the crystals on the chakras, and concentrating on a candle flame. This is called ‘tratak’.But those with imbalanced chakras, like those suffering from anxiety, depression, or stress, cannot do this kind of concentration. Their energy levels a not sufficient for their same. They need supportive energy from a healer. The healer stands behind the person and transmits energy to them, helping them to balance their chakras.

    The person’s reaction to the process will determine the change in the use of crystals and their size.

    This brings about not just mental and physical rejuvenation, but there are experiences that wishes and desires get fulfilled by this kind of concentration method, with the help of crystal healing.



    Reiki is generally known to all as a way of healing, but it has a vaster and all pervasive energizing effect.

    Reiki is an evolved way of living; a way of accessing positive cosmic energy. It is not only useful for healing but also for preventing ill health on the physical and mental level.

    It helps to enhance and endure positive living.

    It has the potential to heal a number of illnesses, shortcomings, unhappiness and dissatisfaction. But it is also necessary to have faith and an open, unbiased mind. As lack of faith and bias can create obstacles in the flow of energy.

    After learning the techniques of Reiki it is essential that one practices self purification daily. As much as it is important to breathe to live, so is Reiki essential for an optimal life.

    In the stress of today’s life, with pollution, and global warming, mental stability has become a challenge. So man tends to go into patterns of negative thinking., giving an invitation to ill health.

    Reiki acts on the chakras in the human body. It inspires the subconscious mind to think positively, and man begins to be freed from ill health, and moves towards spiritual progress.

    The world and all living things on it are from a balance between the five basic elements; that are earth, water, fire, air, and ether.(pruthvi, aap, tej, vayu, aakash- in Sanskrit language).

    These five elements are present in the human body, and can be balanced with the help of Reiki.

    The use of crystals with Reiki, greatly enhances its effect manifold.

    Crystals help to overcome the blocks in the flow of Reiki, and help to amplify its effect.

    The human body is like a crystal. It can absorb and radiate energy. A Reiki healer can identify the weak chakras in a human body, and can help to rebalance and energize with crystal Reiki. In Crystal Reiki, clear crystals and Tourmaline are first used with Reiki symbols to remove negative energy.

    Then use of appropriate crystals is made to balance, stimulate or sedate the chakras as required.

    Even the crystals to be used are first purified with saline water, and then given Reiki, or kept in bright sunlight. Crystals belong to the earth element, and the have a profound effect on the human body which also has the earth element.

    A crystal has its own colour, energy vibration and its own function. The energy frequencies from crystals act on the human body more effectively with Reiki, and help to rebalance it, with positive cosmic energy, enabling man to live life optimally.

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