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    What is astrology and how it affects us? full story...

    What is gemmology and how gems & stones can improve our lifestyle? full story...

    What is vastushastra and how a good or bad vastu can make effect on us? full story...

    What is feng shui and why it is different from our vastushastra? full story...

    What is reiki and how it can help us? full story...

    What does it mean by crystal healing and how crystals can make their effects on us? full story...

    What is palmistry and how this ancient art can help us improve our way of living? full story...

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    'Reiki ' means incessantly flowing cosmic energy, with which man has been able to establish a direct contact. Reiki originated in Japan. In Japanese, 'Rei' implies all abounding, or universal, and 'ki' means revitalizing life force energy. So' Reiki' means, 'Universal Vital Life Force Energy'.

    Reiki is a simple, easy to apply, natural method of healing. This can be done at any time, at any place under any circumstances. The moment you are attuned to 'Reiki', this all abounding Universal Vital Life Force Energy' begins to flow from the palm of your hand, and this amazing, unique gift remains with you for life. Reiki takes care of your health on the level of the mind and body. You are also enabled to transfer it to others, to heal them with Reiki. The person, who is the channel for the flow of Reiki, gently touches the ailing part with the dome of his palm. A moment after this is done, the channel of Reiki, feels gentle vibrations emitting from his hand. The receiver feels a warm current coming from the giver's hand. Some feel mild electric like current impinging on him. Reiki seems to guide the person who chanelizes this energy. On which part Reiki needs to be given more or for how long, can be judged by the giver by experience. Generally chronic problems need a lon ger duration of time. But problems of an acute nature that come up suddenly get quick relief from Reiki. Reiki not only heals the ailment from its root but also helps to balance the mind. Reiki does not interfere with any kind of scientific medical treatment, nor disturbs any religious beliefs, or sentiments, and can work in harmony with them. IT ESSENTIALLY STIMULATES THE BODY'S OWN MECHANISMS TO FREE ITSELF OF DISEASE, AND REVITALIZES THE MIND AND BODY.

    Reiki is not psychotherapy or hypnosis; nor is it any black magic. It is a simple, natural process of chanelizing the all-prevalent cosmic energy. Persons attuned and trained by 'grandmasters' in Reiki conduct Reiki attunement and training.

    One must start by giving Reiki to oneself, for 21 days, during which self-purification takes place. One can then progress to the next step of giving Reiki to others. One can then progress to the next step of training others or giving attunement to them. These levels proceed from Ist degree to the IInd, then IIIrd and then the grandmaster's degree. All are done under the guidance of 'grandmasters 'in Reiki.

    Reiki helps to relieve you not only of physical ailments but also rejuvenates the personality and helps in artistic as well as intellectual pursuits like, the fine arts, music, writing, and all the creative arts. It helps the mind to be more clear, innovative, and positive. Reiki acts like a protective shield for a person.

    The all-abounding nature of Reiki, is like the everlasting love of the Almighty.

    But in some cases the desired result cannot be obtained. The person who gives Reiki is like a channel. The power of his own belief in the same, his own purity, and spiritual strength do affect the effect of Reiki given by him.

    Another instance of this apparent no benefit from Reiki, is when the disease is too advanced like , for eg. The last stage of cancer. Here Reiki cannot cure the ailing person.

    This is because, there is no time at hand , which is necessary for the healing process.

    But the sufferings in mind and body, due to the illness can be relieved to a substantial extent. Reiki helps to increase the strength of mind. Reiki accepts the inevitable stage of death in human life. But dose help to minimize the suffering involved, and makes it more peaceful.

    The process of enabling oneself to pass the divine energy of Reiki, from a 'Grandmaster' is called 'attunement'. In this session a brief introduction to health science, and yoga is given. The seven chakras, in yogic science, and the human auras, have an unusual importance in healing . Every chakra has certain auras associated with it. Each chakra has its own colour and vibration. A person trained in Reiki can feel if the energy in any chakra is vitiated, or weakened. Reiki can enhance the energy level where required.

    Gem Stones can also be used for the purpose. As each chakra has its own colour, so does it correspond to certain gem stones. I have experienced tremendous benefit to people by use of this method of energy balancing in the aura. The creidt goes to the Gem Stones and Reiki, the giver being only a channel for the same.

    Reiki is valuable for development of one's potential and for spiritual progress.

    Rs. 1100 /- only to get distant healing by Reiki.

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