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    The ‘Shrimad Devi bhagwat’ states that there is nothing superior to adorning a Rudrakhsa in the world.

    Shiv pooja in Indian spiritual path has the Rudraksha as the most important object representing Lord Shiva. During the pooja, the Rudraksha is worn in the ear, in the necklace, around the wrist, on the head, and also around the arm.

    What is Rudraksha:

    Elaeacarpus Ganitras Roxb tree bears a green coloured fruit like a guava. The inner hard core is the Rudraksha. These trees grow in the Himalayan ranges in India, Nepal, Indonesia, and Malasia.

    Mythology says that, when Shiva killed Tripurasur, the demon, he had taken the form called Rudravtar. The tears that fell from his eyes during the battle fell to the earth in the form of Rudraksha.


    The divine vibrations emanating from the Rudraksha, purify the surrounding atmosphere.

    The medicinal properties of Rudraksha are beneficial for high blood pressure and cardiac diseases.Giving peace of mind is its special effect.



    The Rudraksha is classified as having different number of facets.

    It may have one to twenty one facets.

    The five faceted Rudraksha are commonly available.

    Single faceted Rudraksha is rare.

    So fake Rudrakshas are available in places of pilgrimage.


    The single faceted Rudraksha is considered the image of Lord Shiva.

    It is known to bestow peace, happiness, prosperity and success on the one who wears it.

    The Double faceted Rudraksha is beneficial for marital bliss.

    The Tri faceted Rudraksha is useful for negating bad Karma and removing stress.

    The four faceted Rudraksha gives sharpness to the mind, so students and seekers of knowledge benefit from it.

    The five faceted Rudraksha is useful for Jaap, meditation, and good health.

    The six faceted Rudraksha is helpful for conceiving an offspring.

    The seven faceted Rudraksha is useful for success and stability in career, and job.

    The eight faceted Rudraksha is for attaining spiritual goals.


    The older the Rudraksha the more effective it is.


    There is a specific ritual to charge its energy. There are single sound mantras, called ‘beej mantras’ and five sound mantra called ‘panchakshari mantras’ for it.


    The Rudraksha is a valuable gift of nature to mankind.

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