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    Pune City : The Punya Nagri

    Surrounded with green hills and placid lakes and having a salubrious climate, Pune is known as the Queen of the Deccan and Oxford of the East. This cultural capital of Maharashtra is among the greenest urban areas in India. Being witnessed the ups and downs of the Maratha Empire and its great ruler Shivaji, Pune has lot to narrate about its historic past.

    Pune is now a center for Marathi theatre, education, crafts, culture and art. The city has one of the India's oldest universities that attract students both from India and abroad. In course of time, Pune is becoming a commercial hub for Maharashtra state next to Mumbai with the investors and MNCs showing interest to this city.

    Here, one can enjoy the narrow but historic lanes of the walled city as well as the spacious and dazzling streets of the new city. Pune offers both traditional Maharashtra as well as the up-to-date and lively new look Maharashtra.

    Pune is the 7th ranking industrial metro of India at present. In fact Kothrud has achieved a place in the Guinness book of world records for having the fastest urban growth rate.

    History Of Pune City

    Rulers of different dynasties have ruled Pune. Evidence found as copper plates of 758 AD and of 768 AD reveal that the Rashtrakootas ruled this region at that time. The Pune Gazetteer explains the term Pune as Punya - a holy place. Pune was ruled by the Yadava dynasty after the Rashtrakootas. Mughal rulers then ruled the city till the middle of the seventeenth century.

    Pune became popular with the rise of Maratha ruler Shivaji. He spent his early childhood in Pune at Lal Mahal, a palace built by his father Shahaji, where Shivaji's mother Jijabai lived for a decade. Aurangazeb's uncle, Shahistekhan was defeated at Lal Mahal by Shivaji. Aurangazeb named Pune as Muhiyabad after the death of Shivaji in 1680. Pune again gained importance during the period of the second Peshwa Thorala (senior) Bajirao who ruled from 1720 to 1740. The palace of the Peshwas - Shaniwarwada was built during his time. Different Peshwas constructed various monuments. Nanasaheb Peshwa succeeded Thorala Bajirao Peshwa and ruled the Maratha kingdom from 1740 to 1761. He checked the aggressions of the Nizam and maintained peace. Nanasaheb Peshwa emphasized in urbanizing the Pune city and encouraged setting up of peths or wards in Pune. Nanasaheb Peshwa constructed Parvati Temple complex, which is known to be the pride of the Pune city.

    British defeated the Marathas in 1818 and established the administration in this region. Pune and Delhi were the only centres of power during this century. Pune has been recognized as a seat of learning and the Deccan College (1851) led the educational movement in Pune. The Pune-Mumbai rail track and the Khadakwasla Dam were constructed in 1857. Later many colleges were established gradually, the Deccan college, the college of Engineering and the Ferguson college. In 1857, the offices of the Department of Meteorology were shifted from Simla to Pune. The first Textile Mill was built in 1893 by Raja Bahadur Motilal Pittie.

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